Connect Your Binance Account To Crypto Booster

Conecting your Binance account to your Crypto Booster account is a breeze!

Here's a super quick and easy video that walks you through the process in just 3 minutes!

If videos aren't your thing, feel free to read through the process below.

If You Haven't Created A Binance Account Yet, Check Out Our Getting Started Guide Here

1. Create Your Binance API Keys

The first step to connecting your Binance account is to create your Binance API keys. Crypto Booster will use these keys to automatically perform trades for you!

Click This Link To Create Your API Keys

Start by logging into your Binance account and then clicking the link above.

Where it says, "Enter API key label", type in "Crypto Booster". Then click the "Create new key" button. After you click the button, Binance may send you an email to confirm that you wanted to create an API key. The email will look similar to the image below.

When you get the email, click the "Confirm Create" button. You'll then be taken back to the Binance API keys page. You should now see your API Keys for Crypto Booster, similar to the image below.

Copy down the "API Key" and the "Secret Key", you'll need them in step 2!

2. Add Your Binance API Keys To Crypto Booster

Log in to your Crypto Booster account. On your account page, scroll down to the "API Keys" section.

In the "Binance API Key" field, paste the "API Key" from step 1.

In the "Binance Secret Key" field, paste the "Secret Key" from step 1.

Finally, click the "Update API Keys" button.

That's it! Your Binance account is now connected to your Crypto Booster account! Crypto Booster is now all set up to passively invest in the best cryptocurrencies on your behalf!