Automated Crypto Investing

Crypto Booster is a simple, yet powerful crypto trading bot that lets you easily invest in the best cryptocurrencies on autopilot.

See how Crypto Booster:

Turned a cryptocurrency portfolio worth $5,000 into $83,640.

Showed 1,100% higher returns compared to just buying and holding Bitcoin.

Can automatically invest your portfolio into the best cryptocurrencies.

Can save you hundreds of hours of time in the long run.

1,100% Higher Crypto Returns Historically

Over a 1 year period, Crypto Booster's automated crypto investing led to:

800% higher returns compared to a diversified crypto portfolio.

1,100% higher returns compared to a Bitcoin-only portfolio.

Crypto Booster Portfolio
(Autopilot Investing Into The Best Cryptocurrencies)

Diversified Crypto Portfolio
(33% Bitcoin + 33% Ethereum + 33% Ripple)

Bitcoin-Only Portfolio
(100% Bitcoin)

Not Your Average Crypto Trading Bot

Automated Crypto Investing

Automatically invest in the best cryptocurrencies on a schedule of your choosing.

Set And Forget

Never worry about managing your investments. Automatically drop poor performers and invest in the best coins!

Simple Yet Powerful

Invest in the top 20 cryptocurrencies every month. Or the top 5 every day. Or any other configuration of your choosing.

Automate Your Cryptocurrency Investing Today

Crypto Booster has a variety of great features that make crypto investing easy.

Crypto Investing Made Easy

Consistently invest in the best cryptocurrencies over time.

Manage Your Investments

Change your investing settings and update your portfolio in seconds.

View Your Portfolio

Keep track of all your crypto investments in one place.

Crypto Trading Bot

What You Need To Get Started With Crypto Booster

1. Crypto Exchange Account

Crypto Booster seamlessly plugs in to your cryptocurrency exchange accounts. Currently we support Binance and Coinbase Pro. Support for more exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance US is coming soon!

2. Trade-Only API Keys

Crypto Booster connects to your exchange accounts using Trade-Only API keys. Connecting your accounts is easy and takes just a few seconds. Crypto Booster NEVER has the ability to withdraw your funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Crypto Booster offers a monthly plan at $14.95 per month. We also offer a yearly plan at $149.95 per year which works out to $12.49 per month. Finally, we offer a one-time payment option for $999.95.

Crypto Booster only allows Trade-Only API keys. We will reject any keys with withdrawal permissions. Crypto Booster NEVER has the ability to withdraw your funds. In addition, API keys are stored using 256-bit encryption. Crypto Booster also supports IP address whitelisting in conjunction with exchanges that support this feature.

Crypto Booster uses industry standard security practices to ensure that all sensitive data is encrypted. Crypto Booster stores data using 256-bit encryption. In addition, IP address whitelisting is supported preventing unauthorized 3rd parties from making use of your API keys. Crypto Booster Is Also A McAfee SECURE Verified Website.

Finally, Crypto Booster will reject any API keys with withdrawal permissions, meaning neither Crypto Booster nor unauthorized 3rd parties will ever have the ability to withdraw your funds from an exchange.

Crypto Booster allows for a large variety of different portfolio configurations. You can start a free trial to see exactly what options are available to you by clicking HERE.

Crypto Booster ignores Tether and other stablecoins. Meaning, Crypto Booster will not execute buy or sell orders for Tether or any other stablecoin. This means that Crypto Booster will never rebalance a portion of your portfolio into any stablecoins. Additionally, any stablecoins that you already own on an exchange account will be ignored when Crypto Booster rebalances your portfolio.

Crypto Booster can save hundreds of hours of your time in the long run by automating the rebalancing and diversification process for you. Crypto Booster does all of the calculations and trades for you, on a schedule of your choosing, automatically.

Yes! We are constantly trying to improve and add more features to make Crypto Booster the best crypto trading bot out there! We plan to add support for more cryptocurrency exchanges such as Bittrex and Binance US. Other features such as whitelisting or blacklisting specific coins to rebalance into and a backtesting tool, are planned as well.

Yes! We have a full case study where we cover a variety of different portfolio configurations. Click Here To Read The Free Case Study!

Yes! We're proud to say that Crypto Booster offers one of the best recurring affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency space! For every customer you refer, get a 66% commission ($10) the first month and 33% recurring commissions ($5) every month afterwards! Click Here To Become An Affiliate!